Thermal baths of Rimini

Two steps from the hotel Kadett, the Rimini spa centre , and will wash all your ills. Treasuring the teachings of Euripides, that already in 480.C. supported the beneficial properties of the sea, the Thalasso RiminiTerme exploits, in fact, the energy of the Adriatic, to make everyone more healthy and more beautiful.

Health and beauty are the winning combination of a center that offers a variety of services. The care and treatments of the thalassotherapy combine sea water and thermal water curing disorders and carrying out a revitalizing action, detergent and antibacterial.

The thermal baths and saline features of departments that will bring benefit to your health: inhalations, balneotherapy and vascular, physical therapy and mud therapy are just a few examples of the rich offer of rimini.

In the wellness centre you can finally take advantage of the properties of the thermal waters, thalassotherapy and sea water, to free you from stress and regain a perfect shape. Numerous specialists in different branches of medical will always be at your disposal to build packages and paths to individualized treatment.

Thermal baths of Riccione

At the terme di Riccione, the holiday joins the pleasure. Located a few steps from the sea and a short distance from Rimini, Riccione's thermal baths have been classified at the 1° level super by the Ministry of Health.

The primacy justified by the thermal cures and rehabilitation, spa packages and aesthetic spa wrapped in 40 thousand square meters of green. Wanting to zoom in on each service, and spa treatments affiliated with the National Health Service include, among others: therapeutic mud baths, baths artroreumatici and skin, inhalations and rehabilitation.

L'OASI di Riccione terme offers treatments that are flexible according to length of the stay. You go from the Beauty Day to packages a week, always in the pursuit of beauty, health and well-being.

A beauty that goes also for beauty treatments and spa for the face, breast and hair, and for a great deal of attention to the person. Beauty heightened also by relaxation and by the great power that the hotel kadett can offer you.

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