Italia in miniatura, the theme park located in Viserba of Rimini

The amusement Park of Italy in Miniature, is so named for the miniatures that tell theItaly and Europe, l'italia in miniatura has over the years become a lot more of his models on a small scale.

Now the park of Viserba di Rimini , it has, in fact, shows and attractions that complement a format proved successful. Not only lucky vacationers, but also for schools, teachers, business men, and travel agencies gravitate to on a daily basis on this Italy miniature.

From the Mole Antonelliana in Turin to the Reggia di Caserta, passing the Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, tells visitors immersed in greenery and surrounded by the water of the lagoon of Venice.

Not to be missed: Venice in 1:5 scale, with emotions into the format less pocket and the rainbow monorail, which makes the tour of the park and offers a privileged perspective.

The pink night and the night witches are two events inevitable in the calendar of Italia in miniatura. The close proximity of the hotel Kadett to the park, makes it a point to stand and to stay.

Discover the offer that the hotel kadett Rimini offers to its guests, HOTEL + AMUSEMENT PARK !


Mirabilandia is the largest amusement park in Italy, a reserve of attractions to suit all tastes and all ages. Among the suggestions from the caribbean and native vegetation are scattered throughout the games for both adults and children, as follows: children, families, and breathtaking, and Mirabilandia Beach.

While the smaller will pass through the paths of Bimbopoli on the mythical train, the Santa fe'de Express, the most senior refresh the atmosphere with Niagara, and Riobravo, or to make it even more exciting by climbing on the two towers, Discovery, and Columbia. Under the warm sun of Romagna, there is nothing better than a dip in the Lagoon del sol or a wet hike on the Rio Diablo.

This and much more in the wonderful Mirabilandia Beach, which is succeeded in the enterprise of bringing the sea to Ravenna. In addition to bars and restaurants, Mirabilandia offers shops and points of photography, which will allow you to bring home the magical memories of a special day.

The day that, in view of the proximity of the hotel Kadett, could easily double, taking advantage of the promotion "the day after you enter free".


Fiabilandia the island that is not there becomes a reality. The undisputed realm of children and families, the park of Fiabilandia is located in Rimini's Rivazzurra, just five minutes from the hotel Kadett.

It is an opportunity not to be missed to get on the attractions that over the years entered into many album of memories.

One example for all is the fantastic castle of Merlin, in which lurks even the appetizing shake bar. Together with the oriental Pagoda, and the Saloon of the far west.

The hotel is very close and cooperates with discounted prices!


Aquafan is the most famous water park in Europe, is a hill of green, water, sun and fun. From the top of his Kamikaze, even now one of the best-loved attractions of the park, Aquafan dominates Riccione and the Romagna Riviera, enjoying visitors of all ages.

While the youngest children are perhaps a soak in the elephant pool, the older kids can enjoy water games, sports, relaxation and entertainment. Not only slides, but also a wave-pool, a football field, the nice foam track and even the waterdance. All immersed in a lush vegetation and with dining and shops.

To reach by car, train and bus, the Aquafan is not only a day of leisure. The days can be two, because the park doubles, and it's free the day after. Or perhaps even more, because with initiatives such as the Gallery Aquafashion, Aquafan will projected into the world of a fashion that, as a minimum, it goes in seasons. The proximity of the hotel Kadett to the park is almost immediate.

A reason to betray the sea of Rimini with the most beautiful hill of Riccione.

The Oltremare park in Riccione

The Oltremare park is a tribute to the planet earth, and to Italy, which hosts it. Huge container of entertainment and culture, Overseas is a synonym of attention to the environmental heritage, the Adriatic sea and its coasts.

This is the mission of a park wanted to Aquafan and Delphinarium Riccione, two industry veterans that have sought to combine education and entertainment. A ten-minute walk from the hotel Kadett, the Oltremare park offers three different trails.

Time travel tells first, the evolution of the planet earth. From the oceans to the Adriatic sea is a route that goes from the lagoon of the dolphins, the bay of rays and other fertile opportunities to meet with the lords of the sea.

Farms, lagoons, and scents are, finally, only some of the stages of the path dedicated to our animals in the delta and in the surroundings. Way, this, who stay in a "Beauty Farm" for turtles, where the poor tortoises wounds are treated and put back in the sixth, before being re-introduced into the sea.

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