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Together with Riccione and Cattolica, Rimini is one of the most popular resorts of the Riviera romagnola. Already renowned at the time of the romans, as is testified to by theAugustus Arch and the Tiberius Bridge, the only one in the whole of Europe which the roman bridge is still passable, Rimini is the capital of hospitality, fun but also of the culture.

The coast in the north, centre and south are the triptych of the winning of Rimini, is worthy of the great director Fellini. In the hot season, hordes of tourists are swarming on the beaches between Torre Pedrera and Miramare and in the theme parks of Rimini and Riccione .

Dolphinarium, Fiabilandia, Italia in Miniatura and Aquafan-Oltermare-Imax - together in wonderland, like all the resorts on the coast of rimini, popular destinations of tourism for all tastes and all ages.

The historic centre of Rimini with the Roman Domus, Castel Sismondo and the Malatesta Temple, the nearby Republic of San Marino and the full calendar of the Rimini Fair, make the city a pole of attraction constant. Thanks to the tourists stretched over all year round, Rimini exercises without truce the traditional art of hospitality.

The city of Gradara

Just like San Leo and San Marino, Gradara rises in the hinterland of the Riviera Romagnola. Despite the short distance from Miramare and from the hotel Kadett, Gradara is enveloped in an atmosphere that is completely different. In less than half an hour you will leave the colorful dynamism of the coast to enter into a quiet setting. As Paolo and Francesca, there aggirerete for a Gradara of dantean memory, by following themed routes, or even only the thread of your interests. You can visit the castle, the village and the fortress, getting around on the walkways, enter the historical museum and the church of St. John, and maybe even a stroll in the garden of olives. Happening at the right time, you will have the opportunity to participate in events such as the"Siege of the Castle" or "Gradara d'amare", taking advantage of a resort which retains the charm of the middle ages.


Considered the green pearl of the Adriatic, Riccione is, together with Rimini, one of the most popular destinations of the Riviera romagnola. Not far from Miramare, and close to the hotel Kadett Rimini, Riccione is considered by many to be the trendiest places in Europe. Trend are the shops that fringe the viale Dante and viale Ceccarini, the two pedestrian streets of Riccione, dotted with the boutiques and luxury bars. The fashion is a young and sensitive to beauty and entertainment, "Made in Italy", such as restaurants, clubs and local elite who have made history. And in line with the trends of the moment are the structures which combine the four souls of this beautiful seaside town. A Riccione for a holiday, with miles of baths, beaches and the famous clubs such as Pacia, biblos, Peter Pan, Villa delle Rose; a Riccione wellness, with its spa and a high-quality cuisine; a Riccione for the sport, with basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, fencing and many other beach activities; and, finally, a Riccione for business, with business tourism, which in the winter keeps up the honour of this rare pearl. A Riccione for all, in short, that against the background of a solar Romagna, will fill the pages of your memories.

San Marino

With its unmistakable profile, at three points, San Marino overlooks the hills of the Marches and the fertile lands of the Emilia Romagna region. Seen from the adriatic coast and from the hotel Kadett, which is near San Marino is a postcard glued to the hinterland, a silhouette that stands out in the blue sky of Romagna. View from the three towers of san marino, the Rocca, Cesta and Montale, the riviera appears as a colored strip that accompanies a sea-loss of an eye. From the hotel you can easily reach the Republic of San Marinoe verify that it is not only a beautiful postcard. You can visit the nine "Castles" and the Ferrari Museum, take the panoramic cable car and wander into the winding alleys of the City of San Marino, visit the Public Palace, the Basilica, and to touch with hand the cheap merchandise of the local shops and shopping centres of Serravalle. The geography is breathtaking, centuries-old traditions and areas of green that color the landscape. This is the triptych winner of San Marino and mount Titano: a foreign state set on the Italian soil, a vacation within a vacation, a winning two-for-one in the beautiful Riviera Romagnola.

San Leo

Straddling the Marche and Emilia Romagna, San Leo is set in the hinterland of the Riviera Romagnola. Only 32 km away from the capital of hospitality and entertainment, Rimini, and a few more from the theater of your holiday, the hotel Kadett. A reason to intersperse the sun and sea of the coast, a trip to the locations before you, hosted Dante and St. Francis of Assisi. Along a road cut in the rock, and passing through the front door of the country have access to the beautiful piazza with the romanesque church, the Cathedral, and the fortress where he was imprisoned even the count of Cagliostro. From this fort that stands on the highest point of the rocky spur, your gaze will wander across the valleys of the Marecchia river to arrive, finally, to the sea. A Adriatic Sea that forms the backdrop to your holidays and that, contemplated from afar, it will acquire even more value. If only for the wonderful view that offers the Riviera, St. Leo deserves to enter the album of your memories.

Misano Adriatico

At Misano Adriatico, the sea, sport and culture are mixed with art. The sea is the same sea washes the other lucky seaside resorts. Not unlike Milano Marittima, Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica, Misano lives of its miles of golden beaches, surrounded by beautiful hotel. Framed by green hills and nestled between the river Conca and Rio Alberello, the coast of Misano lends itself to long walks in the morning or at sunset and dolce far niente in the half hours. Always holding faith to the combination of sea and sport, Misano has established itself as the capital of the engines. The autodromo internazionale Santamonica each year attracts an audience of fans, mobilizing the facilities that must respond to a high number of requests. Misano boasts a hinterland rich of history and art. Urbino and the Republic of San Marino are the popular destinations of cultural tourism, which always keeps alive the traditional hospitality of romagna. An art of hospitality that is exercised also good in the kitchen and in the worldly atmosphere of a Portoverde nothing to envy to Sardinia.


The autodromo internazionale Santamonica circuit is a theme park dedicated to the engines. Paradise for sportsmen and lovers of two and four wheels, Misano circuit hosts every year the most important sports events of international profile. A large catchment area have the Motogp GP and the Superbike world championship, the two competitions that attract hordes of spectators from all over the world. Biker rallies and parties, complete the offer of a racetrack that has always been in step with the times and with a growing interest for motor sports. Constant work have brought the circuit to a maximum development of 4.180 metres with a constant width of the track of 12 m, with 14 changes of direction of the path interleaved 3-straights. Numbers that are worthy of the neobattezzato Misano World Circuit, a container which houses approximately 18.500 spectators in the stands and that has up to 70 thousand places in the lawn. Not less worthy is the circuit of the services that gravitate around the track, in such a short distance from Rimini and from the hotel kadett, which can make the background of your living room, offering great hospitality and excellent restaurant with typical regional dishes and much more.

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