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Typical menu

Keepers of tradition

All our dishes are part of our history, culture passed down from our grandparents, we identify in our territory. To choose them we are always listening to nature, which suggests the right moments, and look for them always in the Adriatic Sea and the Hills of Romagna.

Our dishes leave a mark, both for the unforgettable taste and for the ingredients fantastic, but also for its gastronomic culture that communicate: tell the story of our sea, of the crafts of a time, for the life of the campaign.

Only here you will find the noodle to the
“Tonino Guerra”
Alberghi tipici riminesi
Welcome to family hospitality and an authentic atmosphere
Are managed by the owners
Propose a typical cuisine of romagna
Are close to the sea, parking available and professional service
Quality assurance
Typical products of romagna

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The Rimini is a treasure chest of flavours, a suggestive environment, ancient knowledge and local culture; food tradition represents a significant element of distinction.

The extra virgin olive oil, fossa cheese with other products of the art of cheese-making, charcuterie and fine wines, along with pasta dishes, meat, honey and typical cakes are the typical products of the Romagna tradition.

The discovery of the tradition

To deepen the knowledge of the territory and of the tastes that constraddistinguono our land, we organize excursions to discover the places where our typical products are produced, in order to understand even better the history and the culinary tradition of the territory.

The piadina
The blue fish
The desserts
The Mora Romagnola
The wine
The cheese
The potato
The fresh pasta
The oil
The honey
The staff

We are a staff that is passionate and in love
of our territory, and we want to share
our passion with you

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