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Who we are

Discover our history, our love for Rimini and tourism, the npstra experience that will make your holiday a special stay!

The Hotel is managed by the Tonelli family: how many benefits!

What do you mean “hotel with family management”? And what does it represent? Simple: it means to know the secrets behind a holiday that can be remembered as the time “special”.
Means to collect details bestowed with the heart of a family doing this job for passion.
We talk about sixty years of experience! A historical tradition that blends innovation and modern trends more and more requests. The true romagna holiday is the one that puts to the first place your well-being, and that shows in every moment of your stay with courtesy, helpfulness, and assistance.

Relationships: the heart of our hospitality!

Welcome you is important. The relationships, the uncovering of one in time. The stories that evolve year after year, your return, your progress. For us to accept is always a goodbye, because our greatest satisfaction is to see you return.
The warmth always makes a difference, for the direct management and an expert is a guarantee.
We still believe, fortunately, that the holiday is an experience, in balance between dream and reality, a true tale. Behold, this is our approach: to give the best of our competence in favor of the pleasantness of your memories.
And, in most cases, is only possible if you have full mastery of the organization, and in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the hotel. Choose a hotel in the direct management and with a maturity ultra sixty-year-old in the field is an invaluable advantage that translates in terms of the great quality of your stay.

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