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Pets allowed

The hotel Kadett is pet-friendly, and we are sure that you and your children you will be happy to bring your four-legged friend!
The holiday all together, animals included, is definitely a formula that is good for everyone.

The animals are not living the stress of a posting, the owners of the puppies do not feel the anxiety of leaving strangers in foster care and their heroes.
Accept and animals d welcome is a natural evolution in the world of tourism who has at heart the well being of their customers.

The specific equipment to accommodate the animals

Welcome animals and make it suitable for a holiday for the four-legged friends is not so simple as it may seem. There are things essential and important that must not be neglected. It is important that it is cared for the hygiene of the rooms with sanitizing correctly. It is essential to be located near a beach which welcomes you with the necessary equipment for our furry friends: bowls, kennels in the shade, jets of water refreshing etc... It is also shown to have near the hotel a space in the shade, a park where you can stroll down the street to our four-legged friend.

The offerings for those on holiday with the puppies

Periodically offer special offers for families with a dog or cat.
For them a welcome with all the trimmings, a small tribute to the puppies attached.
Choose a hotel that will welcome animals. In this way, you will find the right help and your dog will not feel just as accepted in the facility, but also the welcome!

If you have friends to four-legged, and love that they are always with you, even on the beach, contact us for information: we may contact you and organise your stay in conjunction with a beach that accepts pets and that provides for their every need.
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